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About the film

The new limited docuseries “My Name is Anxiety” focuses on uncovering the nature of anxiety, types of anxiety disorders and triggers, along with traditional and alternative treatments. “Through my personal journey dealing with anxiety, I am looking to heal and help others to find balance in today’s world of challenges and fears. I dedicated one year to healing and I hope to share through these limited series my experience, knowledge, tools and methods on how to live a better life without being overwhelmed by anxiety every day” – noted Alina Reyzelman.


In all its parts, the docuseries includes interviews from various people with different ethnic and professional backgrounds who suffer from anxiety. They share their take on how they managed to conquer and manage anxiety. “I want everyone to know that they are not alone and don’t have to suffer in silence. Anxiety is a treatable condition, and there is a treatment and method out there for everyone. My film is here to prove that”– said Alina in the statement.


The limited series consists of three parts. The first one “Decoding Anxiety” focuses on the history of anxiety and works to uncover the reasons behind the rise of anxiety disorders worldwide. The segment looks into biological factors such as genetics, and other external aspects that impact people’s mental health.


The second part “Talk Therapy vs Medication” looks deep into traditional treatments such as talk therapy and medication. Top experts in psychotherapy and psychology provide input on what types of talk therapy exist today, and in what situations and clinical scenarios medication may work for some people. Their expertise will provide insight into when and why seeking treatment is necessary and uncover the importance and effectiveness of traditional psychological and pharmaceutical approaches.


The third part “Alternative Practices” covers alternative treatments like neurofeedback, lifestyle changes, sound therapy, acupuncture, energy healing and herbal supplements. Experts from various backgrounds discuss pros and cons of such practices. The docuseries will use their contributions to dissect how alternative therapies can work together with traditional therapies, as well as offer relief that traditional treatments are unable to.

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About Alina

Alina Reyzelman is an independent filmmaker who believes in the power of storytelling. Filmmaking became her way to express artistic vision, creativity and bring attention to important topics and matters of society. That’s why her projects focus on social issues across cultures, inspirational content, self-improvement and promotion of education and the importance of tolerance. A woman and women’s challenges are the center in Alina’s films and documentaries. Alina is dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full potential and to make sure every woman is able to use her voice, make her own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities. Alina’s projects discuss challenges and problems that women face around the world. As an aspiring filmmaker, Reyzelman likes to develop content that is both thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. Alina is a corporate executive, business development professional with broad experience in B2B sales, marketing, strategic growth, business operations, leadership and consulting. Alina held senior roles in British Petroleum, Shell Global Solutions, Wood Mackenzie and Studsvik. Alina holds Master’s Degree in Economics and Investment (Moscow Technical University) and Master’s of Philosophy in political science (King’s College, London and Bachelor’s Degree in BA (Eastern Oklahoma College).